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The Hillman Company

Investment Philosophy

Strength built on experience, relationships, and results

The Hillman Company’s competitive edge is firmly rooted in our history. Our multi-generational and accumulated deal expertise is second to none. Grounded in our values, we bring many strengths to the table.

Emphasis on Relationships

We care about and nurture both new and long-term relationships and value every individual we have the privilege of working alongside.

Intelligent Investment

We are a reliable and efficient organization, empowered to take measured and appropriate risks.

Strategic Partnership

We continue to be an innovative leader in the industry and value partners who share our strategic approach.


We have exceptionally deep roots in investing, making us a consistent, reliable source of stability for our collaborators.

Solid Reputation

We continue to carry forward the impeccable reputation we’ve earned over the past 100+ years.

Strategic Focus

With reinvention embedded in our history, The Hillman Company is a truly opportunistic investor. Investing with world-class partners, through both funds and co-investment opportunities, our current strategic focus is on venture, growth, and buyout relationships.

Venture Capital

In 1972, The Hillman Company became a founding partner of the first venture capital fund, Kleiner Perkins, as a direct result of Henry Hillman’s fascination with technology and willingness to take risks despite conventional wisdom. The Hillman Company was one of the first organizations poised to invest in new technology and, ultimately, would go on to transform not only venture capital investing, but also the innovation marketplace.

Growth Equity

Expanding on its role as a venture and buyout investor, The Hillman Company is committed to working with great companies through growth-focused partnerships and co-investments. Investing during this transformative stage, the long-term goal is meaningful capital appreciation while seeking an exit through an IPO or M&A.


Beginning with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts in 1976, The Hillman Company has amassed a long track record of sourcing and working with top-tier investors in the buyout space. Buyouts bring diversification through exposure to a wide range and volume of portfolio companies as well as opportunities for co-investment.

Our Partners

The Hillman Company has a rich history of investing alongside some of the world’s top investors and entrepreneurs. They benefit from our decades of investing experience and stable long-term capital.